The Peacock

The PeacockAugust 2013

Ink in moleskine notebook

Wheat paste below.

This is one of my favorite drawings of all time.  I can’t say there was a specific memory, time, incident, image, that inspired me for this one.

Sometimes I’ll just go online, look at other people’s art, sketches, blogs, whether it’s certain artists I really admire or something as broad as StumbleUpon or Pinterest.  I can tell I’ve got some kind of inspiration, the need to draw something, and I just need to look and appreciate someone else’s work to really trigger something and get me motivated to put something on paper.  Other people’s creativity feeds my own.  I see something beautiful and it makes me want to make something beautiful too.  It’s a weird and kind of difficult feeling to explain.

This one is especially special to me because thanks to The Rasterbator I was able to make this piece into my first wheat paste poster.  Search the island of Oahu, and maybe you’ll find it.  Hopefully the first of many to come.

wheat pasteJune 2014


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