The Rat


Circa June 2012

Graphite in moleskine notebook

This one has always been a little Banksy-esque to me.  Mostly because of his pieces involving rats.  He has always been one of my favorite street artists so it’s no surprise I came up with this one.  This was also when I had been experimenting a lot more with ink pens and finding that I preferred ink way more than pencil.  At this certain occasion I only had graphite pencil available to me and I was not stoked about it (hence the word “graphite” and the broken pencil in his hands).

Also apologies for the smeared/discolored looking area.  Since this came out of my personal moleskine notebook, I tried editing out notes and other small drawings that were right next to this particular drawing and did not do the best job of it.  You can even still see some leftover blue ink on the “G”.


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