The Octopus


Circa October 2013

Ink in moleskine notebook

This is another one of my favorites, and one of the most tedious pieces I’ve ever done.  After I finished the peacock, I looked for more inspiration to do another more detailed piece.  Although I remember seeing it sometime before I began this piece, I remember being at one of my favorite beaches on the island, Lanikai, and seeing this decently attractive man playing with his kids.  One of my fellow beach-goers pointed out his tattoo, which was this massive octopus that wrapped around his right shoulder, down his arm and back.  It definitely had a polynesian look to it, with different tribal-looking patterns woven throughout it (not to mention the other tribal tattoos that covered most of his body).  It was definitely one of the most beautiful and well done tattoos I’ve ever seen.  So why not try my own octopus?

This was the first stippling piece I had ever done as well.  It makes shading and creating depth with ink so much more accurate and defined compared to lines (I think so anyway) but if you ever try it, just get ready for massive hand-cramps and a lot of impatience.  I was satisfied in the end though.  If I ever had the guts to get a tattoo, this would be the one.

(Also it kind of looks like the image has blurry spots, sorry about that.  It’s probably just my crappy work scanner.)


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