The Hair Lady


December 2014

Ink on paper

It has been far too long since I’ve posted. My apologies.

I’ve actually had to rewrite this post about four times now and I still don’t think I’m fully satisfied.  This piece is very special to me.  I can’t really explain why, just that I feel like I really accomplished something with it.  When I look at this piece, I see and feel something that not necessarily everyone else does.  I actually debated even posting it, in fear that it would ruin the special-ness for me but I decided to do it anyway.  I think that’s the beautiful thing about art.  It doesn’t have to be something to everyone, but it can be something to anyone, whether it’s the artist or the viewer.  Just because it’s special to me doesn’t mean it has to be special to you or anyone else.

So instead of explaining why I appreciate this one so much, I’ll let you decide.  Why are her eyes closed? Is she concentrating? Sleeping? Sad? Lonely? Calm? Content?  Is her hair moving or is it stuck in place?  Does each strand or flower mean something or are they purely for decoration?  What’s her body doing, or is she just a random floating head? You tell me.  In the end, it’s not about what you or I see.  It’s about how you see it.


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